Kitty Heaven Kitten and Cat Sanctuary
Started in 2006, Kitty Heaven is intended to help fulfill the largely
unmet need for cat shelters in southern Baja. Expanded twice since
its original construction, it currently boasts over 1200ft2 (110m2) of
indoor and outdoor living area and handles an average population
of 25 or so. All of our inhabitants enjoy regular meals, even nightly
treats, and are kept very healthy and flea free. If you are interested
in adopting one of our fine residents or are looking to donate food
or any other pet supplies, don’t hesitate to contact us through our
website. Feel free to stop by for a visit sometime!
Some Current and Past Residents
Ah, Kittens...
Ah, Kittens...
Every so often, we get
a 'midnight' donation of
kittens. Cute, cuddly and
first come first served!
Two year old male found
at the dump in La Paz with
a broken leg. Still has as a
slight limp but would love
to be your pet. He is very
friendly and affectionate.
Great news! Cocho found his
forever home in October 2013!!!!
Medium to long haired
Siamex male about two
years of age. Cuddly and
friendly with those lovely
blue eyes!
Mama Gris
Mama Gris
Left in Todos Santos over
one year ago. Medium to
long gray hair, reserved
but cute and friendly.
Siamex female about two
years old. Dainty and shy
at first, but warms up very
nicely. She found her forever
person in 2012.
Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd
What can you say about
a cat named after a rock
star, other than that is
one cool cat! And he
now has his forever
Raya was rescued from a
couple of mean dogs and
tough circumstances. She
is very playful and ready
to purr at an instant.
A big boy, he is a pretty
mellow young man. Very
affectionate and friendly.
Attacked by dogs but all
better now.
Wild Girl, Socks and Coli
Wild Girl, Socks and Coli
These semi-feral kitties
would make wonderful
outdoor pets. Two girls
and one boy. Socks and
Wild Girl are gray, Coli
is a Siamex.