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Did you know that a single fertile dog can be
responsible for tens of thousands of offspring
in just a few years? At Amigos de los Animales
de Todos Santos, this is why we do what we
do. Through our spay and neuter efforts, we
have fixed thousands of dogs and cats. This
means better lives for all of us in and around
Todos Santos - animals included.

As a charitable organization, donations are
very much welcomed and always appreciated.
While money never hurts, we also love to
receive donations of all types of veterinary
and pet supplies, from pet food and animal
carriers to boxes of syringes and medical

To make a gift of supplies, equipment, or some
time (we love volunteers), please contact us.
If you would like to make a monetary donation,
please use the form on the right.

Every single penny donated goes to the animals
and everyone involved is a volunteer - and that
includes our Board of Trustees.

Donations are also tax deductible in the US via
our connection to The Refuge Animal Sanctuary.
Please contact us for details.

Simply make a choice below to tell us how
to use your donation then press the button
to finish the transaction at . Credit
cards are accepted.

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